SSA#32: Maintenance & Beautification Program

Nothing impacts a community or a business district more than the appearance of two important things: 1) the streets, and 2) the buildings. It's no secret that customers will be less inclined to shop in areas that look abandoned, worn, dirty, and unkempt - no matter how many stores or brands. Although keeping up appearances is time consuming and redundant work - it's fairly easy. Along with encouraging business owners, residents, shoppers, and students to make use of the trash bins located throughout the community, SSA#32 has a maintenance and beautification program that is designed to visually "walk the talk."

Through a number of contractors, the business district is provided with regularly scheduled maintenance to keep the streets clean and free of debris so that residents and shoppers in the business district have a pleasant experience. We believe that this increases the number of customers willing to shop in the area and sends the right message that our community is clean, responsive, and dedicated to making sure we look our very best at all times.

Debris Removal

Cleanslate is our partner when it comes to debris removal. They provide scheduled cleaning service several times a week. Cleanslate is part of the Cara Program which works with "second chance" indivuals giving them a fresh start for employment and community engagement in a positive and supportive atmosphere. These motivated employees serve our community with professionalism and dignity and make sure that our streets are as clean and tidy as they can be.


Simply Lauren is our partner for landscaping. They provide weeding, mulching, and greening services for over 30 blocks located within the business district. They make sure that the area's trees, grasses, and shrubs are at their best.

Holiday Signage

Folger's Flag is our partner for the holiday signs that blanket the business district around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Folger's Flag is a small, family-owned business that does a great job every year of transforming our business district into a festive atmosphere that reinforces the spirit of the season for area residents and shoppers.