Curves Auburn Gresham

Curves Auburn Gresham
8530 South Racine
Chicago, IL 60620

Hours of operation

Curves Auburn Gresham (AG) is a 30-minute fitness and weight management center designed for women. Our club provides women in this community with a comfortable, fun and safe place to exercise, surrounded by the support of women like them who are interested in being healthier, stronger and more fit. 

Curves challenges women with a strength-training and cardiovascular fitness program that really works — in just 30 minutes, members get a total body workout that might require 90 minutes at other gyms! You can tone muscles, burn body fat, and lose inches and pounds by exercising 3 times a week, 30 minutes a day.  The equipment is very easy to use, and the music is uplifting and inspiring.  Members of Curves AG range from 11 year-old young ladies to 75+ year-old wise women — and each of them are encouraged by a well-trained, professional staff whose role is to instruct, coach and motivate members.

Curves AG is managed by Kimberley Rudd and Denise Steele, who have been certified as personal trainers, are CPR certified and are trained in the Curves Quick-Fit system.

For a free week to try Curves AG, click on the PDF file above.  Call about our programs for senior citizens and college high-school students.

Click here to view a 2 minute audio/video slideshow of Curves in action. Also, to read a recent article about Curves of Blue Island, also owned by Rudd, please click the link below.,031808deacon.article