The 2012 edition of the 79th Street Renaissance Festival was a colorful spectacle of community love, community respect, age and cultural diversity, economic development, and praise for our seniors all to the sounds of great music.  Throughout the day, which for thousands of community residents started with a rousing opening word of prayer, there was a sense that this day was truly something special.  For many years, West 79th Street had become a place for pedestrians to avoid.  On this September day, with bright, blue, sunny skies and temperature in the mid 70s, it seemed that everyone from each corner of the community and beyond had 79th Street as their target destination.

Specifically, the 79th Street Renaissance Festival & Family Jam for Peace with nearly 120 vendors, including a robust Taste of 79th Street anchoring the quarter mile long festival, there was something for everyone!  Free dental exams, face painting, Petting Zoo, colleges and universities recruiting and sharing information, hair styling services for men and women, apparel and jewelry vendors, a full court basketball clinic and tournament, city, county and state agencies, jumping jacks, and many, many more all interacting with exhuberant festival the shadows of a new entry to the RenFest...a large Ferris Wheel enjoyed by approximately 1,300 ticket-holding youth.  Yes, the 79th Street Renaissance Festival & Family Jam for Peace has certainly reached new heights!

Special thanks to the Jesse White Tumblers, South Shore Drill Team, Miss Chicago, Tamela Mann, J. Moss, Charles Jenkins, Farley Jack Master Funk, and many others.

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