Auburn Gresham Housing “Decorative Design Disguise Decal Project” Is Underway

For Immediate Release

August  22nd, 2016                 Contact: Nicole Wheatly

The Rebirth of the Auburn Gresham Community’s Housing Market

The Auburn Gresham community is embarking on a 10 year Quality of Life Plan entitled, “Your Voice Matters”. During the week of August 22nd thru August 26th, 2016, a determined group of community partners (The Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation, Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago, the Community Investment Corporation and Project 5000) will move on one of the strategies of the YVM Housing Action Taskforce to “increase the safety and security of neighborhoods by focusing on beautification efforts and  neighborhood investment…” by affecting the appearance of vacancies with decorative disguises. These disguised boarded-ups will make blocks look more appealing and will counter the negative effects of boarded buildings which bring down the property values and attract looters scavenging for copper pipe and other scrap. The unsightliness of boarded properties discourage investment by both current owners who are not compelled to finance upkeep and by potential owners who fear purchasing in a deteriorating community. This project is a big step towards rebirthing the housing market in the community and attracting new buyers.

We are working to not only enhance the community, but also to provide career opportunities for young African American males within the community.  Project 5000, along with the Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation will be placing 10 young men in training to become skilled craftsmen to learn the carpentry trade and then offered positions to help improve the housing stock by rebuilding it.

Decal installation will begin in a portion of the Auburn Gresham MMRP area and along 75th to 79th Street and from Green to Aberdeen and within the Freddie Mac Block by Block project area on properties along 75th street between Green and Aberdeen.  Please review the interactive video of the first property that now has a decorative design disguise located at 7520 S. Aberdeen.  Please give us a call to receive the address of locations where our work can be observed.