School Is out for CPS students, Some Network 11 Teachers Are Ready to Learn

Please take a moment to congratulate the Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation's (GAGDC) Auburn Grehsam Gold (AG-GOLD) Education team, composed of Derris Cameron, program and cultural enrichment manager, and reource coodlinators who each have a home-base office, in one of our Auburn Gresham GOLD schools: Monique D GastonKimberly Richards, Selina ThompsonMelanie Christion, on a successful launch of a new innovativce, AG-GOLD Teacher Literacy Instruction teams.
Chicago Public Schools may have ended for the summer, on June 19. 2018, but not for a group of teachers from Aubrn Gresham Schools, 
On June 20, 2018  the GAGDC education team welcomed over twenty teachers, from all five of our schools: Clara Barton, John W. Cook, Scott Joplin, Richard J. Oglesby, and Oliver S. Westcott Elementary. 
The full day of engagement was  planned to give the to learn more about all the moving pieces of the Auburn Gresham GOLD Initiative and United Way's BOLD GOLD framework. We had a nice lunch, and we encouraged the teachers to think of themselves as the GAME Changers who have the capacity to change the trajectory of students reading on track by 3rd grade.
The resource coordinators were awesome with explaining how their work on attendance, after school, health services, summer camp, and homeless case management contributes to reaching our goal of increasing academic achievement. The teachers were excited and they are looking forward to the AG-GOLD summer institute in August. The reporter from Block Club Chicago also attended the meeting, he took pictures, and interviewed the Principals in preparation for the story he is writing about Auburn Gresham GOLD schools Initiative.
P.S. Just want to thank the Education team for all the hard work over the past school year. As I've stated before, THE WORK YOU DO MATTERS, CHILDREN AND FAMILIES ARE BETTER OFF BECAUSE OF IT!