Safe and Peaceful Neighborhood Programming at Morganway Garden in August

The Chicago Fund for Safe and Peaceful Communities was launched in 2016 to proactively prepare for the potential of a spike in violence in Chicago during summer months, and to support activities that build community cohesion and promote safety and peace.

 For summer 2019 the Fund's The Chicago Fund for Safe and Peaceful Communities goal is to support programs that promote peace, build trust and strengthen relationships among neighborhood residents across ages—Auburn Gresham was awarded the grant is doing just this, by taking back and revitalizing a once beaufiful and family friendly community space back to the state and use it was intended.  In 2008, Morganway Park was donated to Auburn Gresham by and in collaboration Neighborworks . As part of a series of troubled homes and spaces meeting, a team ow residents, businesses and institutions worked together with Neighborworks and deemed the community garden unsafe and not in line with Auburn Gresham community engagement & strategies. The once beautiful and peaceful space  has turned in a place of undersired activity and Morganway park was closed down the summer 2018.

Join us for the month of June and July projects worked hard to restore the partk and offer programs that would show its intended beauty. Please join us for the August programs designed to have a little something for all ages.

Morganway Garden Safe and Peaceful Summer Programs



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