Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation and Green Era Live on WBEZ RESET Radio Show!

Thank you WEBZ RESET for having us on the radio to talk about two catalytic projects, with a vision of brining Health, Wealth and Sustainability to the Auburn Gresham community.

The Pritzker Traubert Foundation is offering a $10 million grant to a single community-driven initiative aimed at bettering the lives of residents on the South or West Side of Chicago. We are very excited to be one of the 6 finalists. 

Check out the audio lives featuring our very own Carlos A. Nelson, CEO of Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation and our partner Erika Allen, President and co-founder GreenEra tell the story of two catalytic projects with a vision to bring Healh, Wealth, Sustainability, Growing Food, Jobs, Businesses, Population and Visitors to a growing Auburn Gresham!

WBEZ RESET Radio Show "Chicago Prize Finalist Catalytic Development of Auburn Gresham"

The audio lives on the WBEZ website: