The Chicago Bears are one team to have a special guest for the 2021 NFL Draft

Enough about the actual draft though, the point here is that the Chicago Bears are having a special guest announce whoever the team picks. Hopefully, the pick will be one most fans approve of so the special guest does not hear boos by the crowd. Even though the booing would not be directed towards this special guest, it would still not feel good to hear these boos as you are center stage.

The 2021 NFL Draft is awarding certain fans the opportunity to announce their team’s picks. The fans selected have shown a way to bring others together digitally during the pandemic, have helped eliminate food and health disparities and have brought awareness to mental health.

The Chicago Bears have one of these special guests and his name is Carlos Nelson. Nelson leads the Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation (GAGDC). He lived in an area within Chicago that lacked an accessible healthcare facility. Nelson helped design a Healthy Lifestyle Hub and was awarded a $10 million dollar grant to help this vision become a reality. Ground broke on this healthcare facility in March of 2021, and Nelson continues to fundraise to help end health disparities seen throughout Chicago.