Mental Heath Fair Draws Resources and to Address all Dimenisions Health

Be Kind to Your Mind was GAGDC's first health fair focusing solely on mental health. Feeling that this topic is almost always overlooked in our community, GAGDC wanted to shed some much needed light in an attempt to remove some of the negative stigma that surrounds the word mental health. 

 GAGDC made sure that the mental health professionals were local and easily accessible to the community. Other vendors included insurance companies (assisting with insurance coverage for mental health services) and an Olive Harvey College recruiter (addressing mental health classes offered). Vendors showcased their resources and services and offered swag bags for the attendees. 

 GAGDC’s Playstreets crew created an Arts & Crafts corner where attendees, both adults and children, were able to learn positive coping skills through the power of art ( chalk drawing, paint throwing and coloring). Playstreets also provided books for the children that reflected a positive self image.