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Harvest Day at Morganway Community Garden and Park

Joseph Collier [L], joins several civic and community leaders at the Morganway Garden and Park. Those include are 6th District Police Officers Beverly Taylor-Williams & Coralyn Hudik, Mary McKinnie, and Juanita Love.

Ernest Sanders

Just months after its official re-opening and inaugural celebration, the Morganway Community Garden and Park hosted a harvest day for local community residents and youth. 

This was a day filled with many surprises for the youth in the community. Mother Nature was more than generous and contributed with incredibly 70 degree warm weather. Youth of all ages came to the garden and park to partake in free food (hotdogs), candy, and beverages.

A few Auburn Gresham youth partake in the free hots provided at Harvest Day.

Ernest Sanders

Several block club residents of the 7800 & 7900 Morgan and Carpenter Streets participated in this joyous occasion. These residents included: Ms. Juanita Love, Mr. Joseph Collier, Ms. Betty Swanson, Ms. Mary McKinnie, Ms. Catherine Phillips, and a host of others.

Even a 6th District Chicago police officer contributed and supported this harvest day. Officer Coralyn Hudik, a farm girl superhero behind her civic duties as a police officer, donated corn stalks from her nearby farm.

When asked about the importance of this day, Officer Hudik responded, “This community garden and park is a wonderful example of how we can educate our residents about the importance of urban agriculture – eating healthy items planted in this garden.”

This harvest day was a perfect example of an initiative in Auburn Gresham’s Quality of Life (QofL) plan to help organize residents and leaders to participate in our community’s renaissance.  

Specifically, the QofL plan strives to strengthen support systems for health and social services, safety and workforce development, and to make enjoyment of the arts, culture and open space part of the Auburn Gresham way of life.

Fresh corn stalks take there place at the Harvest Day at the Morganway Garden and Park.

Ernest Sanders

The harvest day at this garden and park is just the beginning of more things to come from reshaping this open space to environmentally friendly build out and urban agriculture.

For more information regarding the Morganway Community Garden and Park, contact Ernest Sanders at (773) 483-3696. Click here to see a layout of this public space.


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