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Hot Spots in Auburn-Gresham

Hot Spots Article

Carlos Nelson (GADC) participates with residents, other community leaders and city departments with investigation.

Photo: Cheryl Johnson

A culmination of the City of Chicago services and departments (Police, Sewer, 311, Water, Street and Sanitation, etc) gathered together with the Auburn-Gresham residents and community leaders to investigate a “hot spot” at 78th & Peoria.

City Truck

Streets and Sanitation employee drives along intersection of 78th & Peoria.

Photo: Cheryl Johnson

Such residents and leaders included Carlos Nelson (Executive Director of GADC), Brandon McNair (Chief of Staff and Alderman Latasha Thomas’ office), Andrew Holmes (Legislative Aide for State Representative Milton Patterson’s office) and CAPS area facilitators (Betty Swanson Beat 612 and Constance Daniels 621) .

As part of this program, the Chicago Police Department identifies “hot spots” and communicates them to CAPS facilitators for further investigation. Additionally, every Beat facilitator identifies a “hot spot” needing more attention in their neighborhoods and communicates them back to the Chicago Police Department. This critical information is also communicated through Auburn-Gresham residents for review.

City workers

City services and departments assemble themselves to discuss collective efforts and activities for the investigation.

Photo: Cheryl Johnson

During the onsite investigation, the city services and departments actually performed their duties while inspecting the area for adverse or unwarranted happenings. As part of the investigation each department reports their findings back to the parties involved for ongoing surveillance (if needed) and closure.

The gathering ended with appreciation and recognition from the Auburn-Gresham residents and GADC to the City of Chicago services and departments for their direct participation reducing crime and affliction in the community.


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