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Building Blocks Learning Academy

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  • Building Blocks Learning Academy
  • Building the Future. One Child at a Time.
  • 1118-22 West 69th Street
  • Chicago, IL 60621
  • 7734882ABC (phone)
  • 7734881212 (fax)

Hours of operation

  • Monday–Friday 6:30 am - 6:00 pm

Welcome to Building Blocks Learning Academy. Choosing a daycare facility to entrust the education and development of your child is the first of many precious decisions parents will make. Issues such as safety, sanitation, nutrition, socialization and academics are all components that will influence a parent's final choice.

The fact you have weighed these factors and chosen to enroll your child here is perceived as your vote of confidence in our staff. Rest assured that the staff would not take your trust in us for granted. Each day we promise to allow your child(ren) the freedom to explore their environment. Each day we promise to give them our very best energy and effort. Each day we promise to do everything within our professional power to make your child look forward to returning the next day.

Our goal is to form a partnership with you for a successful experience for both you and your child. Please feel free at anytime to express any comments, questions or concerns regarding our program. Your input is greatly appreciated, as your child's needs are the most important to us. We look forward to a long and loving relationship with your family! 

Mission Statement

The mission of Building Blocks Learning Academy is to provide high quality child care for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years of age. It is our principal goal to produce highly esteemed students who grow into life long learners. Through a caring, nurturing, safe environment, the staff at Building Blocks meet the cognitive, physical, social and emotional needs of the child(ren) thus making the preschool experience a positive first impression of formal education. Programming encourages exploratory and discovery, interactive developmental choices and provides age appropriate curriculum in which children are active participants. It is Building Blocks contention to develop the whole child, regardless of race, creed, color, religious, persuasion, economic or social/physical disabilities.

Program Philosophy

Building Blocks Learning Academy was founded upon the principles that children need an environment which allows them to play freely as well as learn the basic skills necessary for later school success. By providing a liberal curriculum, safe and sanitized environment and an array of age appropriate materials, the program allows the children to explore and discover freely. Our caring capable instructors help guide the exploratory process to ensure the child 's proper development and the indoctrination of a college bound mindset at the preschool level.

Since preschool is a child's first formal impression of education, research has proven the importance of a positive preschool experience. Brain development begins during infancy and the brain is most malleable at the preschool level. It is the Academy's commitment to its students to assist them in graduating from preschoolers to pre-scholars.

By incorporating the influences of the parents, community, government and private industry, Building Blocks Learning Academy continually seeks the most current research in early childhood development. By staying current in research, the children in our care are the direct beneficiaries. The entire staff attends the industry conferences and various trainings to ensure continued staff development. This is to better serve our students and families.


Building Blocks Learning Academy

1118-22 West 69th Street
Chicago, IL 60621

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