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What are feeds?

Feeds are handy ways of getting news delivered to you without having to visit the Web sites that publish it. They are summaries of the latest news that you can read with the help of a program called a feed reader.

What is a feed reader?

Feed readers, or "aggregators," are either programs you can download or online services that you can use to collect feeds from your favorite Web sites.

How do I use feeds?

On many Web sites, links to feeds can be a few words like on this site or small orange buttons with symbol or letters on them like these:

RSS icon RSS button XML button

Clicking any one of these will take you to a feed. Feeds may look confusing but the only thing you need are their Web addresses. To add a feed to a feed reader, copy its Web address and follow the instructions included with the feed reader to add it. The feed reader will read the Web address and download the news. It will even keep track of which ones you've read so you don't have to think about it!

You can subscribe to a feed of latest news & events, linked from the side of the home page.


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