University of Chicago MAPSCorps @ GADC

About MAPSCorps

Meaningful Active Productive Science in Service to Communities

MAPSCorps was born from the South Side Health and Vitality Studies at the University of Chicago. The South Side Health and Vitality Studies are a collection of related efforts to advance the health and vitality of the region. We use an approach called asset-based community-engaged research  to ensure that our science serves community priorities and needs.    

Chicago’s South Side is a 95 square mile region with a population of about 804,000 people in 2013. Nearly three-quarters of the population identifies as African American. 

Comprehensive community asset mapping brings visibility to local community organizations and businesses. Our work shows that typical sources of information about community organizations and businesses in our communities are incomplete. MAPSCorps produces reliable, annually updated information about community resources that are being used by doctors and other health care providers to help people stay healthy (HealtheRx) and by policymakers, faith leaders, researchers, and others to build a healthier community. 

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