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Community Welcomes New Faces

For most of us the thought of moving to a new home and spending four straight weeks with a completely new family, friends, and collegues is a very nervewracking thought. This week students from Illinois State University, myself included, moved into our new homes of community members in Auburn Gresham.

For the next four weeks we will eat, sleep, and take in this community while we are given the chance to assist in the education of CPS summer school as well as working in the community at various businesses. We've been here for only four days and already this feels like home to me. I've said hi to more strangers in passing as I walk through the community in the past two days, than I have done throughout my college career.

The welcoming and familiar feeling of Auburn Gresham has been a relief and a refreshing feeling to have. I know that I personally appreciate the kindness and openness more than I can express because all I want to do is learn here, and feeling at comfortable in a setting allows for that to happen. This community has so much too offer and I feel that I've seen so much already, though I've only seen bits a pieces of a wonderful area. With an open mind and an open heart I am ready and waiting to see what else I am able to learn and experience in the next couple of weeks.

Keywords: Illinois State University Chicago Teacher Education Pipeline Programs and Partnerships

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