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Perspectives Mentor Program Another Intergenerational Education Success

Last day, Nov. 18th. for PCS Calumet interns (seated center) at GADC office.

Kathy Welch (mobile)

For several years, the Greater Auburn-Auburn Gresham Development Corporation, participates in the Pespectives Charter School (PCS) five-week internship program. Throughout the year, GADC hosts several colleg and university intern programs, however, we look forward to the new set of resources assigned to our community organization, as part of the PCS program, specifically geared towards high school juniors.

One of our key organization and community strategies, is to improve the quality of education for all ages.  As a local community based organization, we want to supplement educational opportunities, with alternate projects and programs that meet local needs. These supplements come in the form of in and out-of-school programming. We however especially enjoy participating, in this program, as an opportunity to strengthen and build intergenerational relationships by mentoring young adults, from our local PCS Calumet Campus high schools. What's great is over the years there have a been good mix of students, who have varying interests and skill sets. This allows many members of the GADC team to, interact with the young adults, and expose them to real world experiences that will help maximize their school and future career experiences.

The two young ladies assigned to GADC this year, worked from 9am to 3pm, every Wednesday. The organization looked forward to Wednesdays, as we were assigned, two real gems! For starters, they were really open and receptive to the learning the culture of the GADC. They observed, they listened, they questioned, they took action, they completed assignments.  We have had many great interns in the past, however, this year our young adults adapted and took on a lot of intense projects, that kept them engaged the entire day and beyond. Ultimately, they were naturals and good youth extensions, of our staff.

The staff sent a note, directly to Shayla Butler, PCS Mentor Internship, program manager, expressing our gratitude and to say we learned as much from them, as we hope they learned from us. Is there a senior mentor internship program? If so, we'd love to invite back Shanita O. and Yasmine B.

THANK YOU, right back at you young ladies and good luck, the rest of junior and senior year!

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