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Artists in Residence in four INVEST South/West neighborhoods - Auburn Gresham Selected Dorian Sylvain!

Designer Norman Teague (left) and artist Dorian Sylvain (right)

Photo Courtesy of: MacArthur Foundation

On 11/5, The City of Chicago, Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) announced the four selected Artists in Residence for Austin, New City, Auburn Gresham, and Englewood.

We are excited to announce that Dorian Sylvain and her son Kahari were selected by our esteemed neighborhood panelists.  We are working with the team to finalize with the City andn can't wait to get to work, including continued (deep) engagement with the Auburn Gresham community over the next two years.

You can read the official announcement here:

Below is a long list of select press following the announcement! 

ABC7 News at 5, 6AM: MLL announces “Artists-in-Residence” in south and west side neighborhoods

ANCHOR: new today Mayor Lightfoot announcing the artist residence program in four neighborhoods on the south and west sides. artists were selected through a community led process. the Mayor’s office says this will lead to public art and cultural programs for Auburn Gresham, Austin, Englewood and new city back of the yards. the aim is to promote health, happiness and vitality of each neighborhood. i love this. and there is a statue carved out of an ash tree that is dying in jackson park. i mean, absolutely gorgeous, beautiful pieces of art across the south and west sides. we are so fortunate to have so many talented people in our midst. 

WGN News at 11:30AM: MLL announces Artists in Residence in four INVEST South/West neighborhoods 

ANCHOR: four chicago artists will today become the city's first ever artist in residence in south and west side neighborhoods dorian sylvain will bring her talent as a painter and muralist to auburn gresham and tony rupert also a painter and muralist who will work in austin it's also the neighborhood she grew up in eric hotchkiss has a background in design and will create projects in inglewood and painter fernando ramirez will be the artist in residence in the back of the 

NBC5 News at 11:30AM: MLL announces Artists in Residence in four INVEST South/West neighborhoods 

ANCHOR: the city of chicago is funding a new program to bring more public art to the south and west sides. kye martin brings us more. 

MARTIN: the four artists were chosen by stakeholders in the different neighborhoods. we're here in south shore where a muralist has worked in the past. she was chosen as the artist in residence for auburn grisham moving forward. the other neighborhoods getting the attention, 

NBC5 News at 11AM: MLL announces Artists in Residence in four INVEST South/West neighborhoods 

ANCHOR: new at 11:00, the effort continues to unite the south and west sides through public art and this morning we're learning about a project that will reflect the spirit and culture of those communities. nbc5's kye martin is live now to explain. hey, kye. 

MARTIN: hi, patrick. i'm standing here along jeffery just north of 71st in the south shore neighborhood and you can see behind me there's a bright, colorful mural. it was an effort led by artist painted on the side of this vacant building.  

ABC7 News at 4PM: MLL announces Artists in Residence in four INVEST South/West neighborhoods

PER HOSEA SANDERS: Chicago's new artists-in-residence program spotlights city artists to celebrate the vibrant cultures of our neighborhoods.

WBEZ News at 5PM: MLL announces Artists in Residence in four INVEST South/West neighborhoods

PER CARRIE SHEPHERD: The story aired twice this afternoon. Here’s a link to the 5 pm newscast where it aired.

Four picked as Artists in Residence for Chicago’s INVEST South/West initiativeThe inaugural group of local creatives represent five South and West Side

SUN-TIMES/Evan Moore

CHICAGO — Four Chicago creatives have been chosen to put together public art projects and ideas for future cultural programs in their neighborhoods as part of the city’s INVEST South/West initiative. 

New City Program Aims To Support Artists, ‘Enrich’ Communities With Public Art On South, West Sides 

BLOCK CLUB//Mauricio Pena 

CHICAGO — A new city initiative will bring public art and cultural specific programs to four South and West side neighborhoods. Mayor Lori Lightfoot, alongside the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and the Department of Planning and Development, announced Thursday a Artists-in-Residence pilot program to create public art in Austin, Englewood, Back of the Yards and Auburn Gresham. 

Stay tuned for community engagment events to get started!

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