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February is Black History Month! (Blog)

"Good Morning All,
As most of you know I am a person of latin descent with Lopez being one of my last names. I wanted to reach out and give a fun fact about someone who represents the Afrolatino community. Author of "Down These Mean Streets" Piri Thomas the Cuban-Puerto Rican poet created a piece of literature that shines a light on Spanish Harlem New York in the1940's. He gives his perspective on life as a darker-skinned Latino, he faced poverty, discrimination (not only from society, but also family members.), racism, identity issues, and gang related issues. He ended up serving a seven year sentence after hurting a police officer.

"Piri Thomas"

This is very inspiring to me due to the life I currently live as a member of the GAGDC family, growing up right here on 79th street and being able to give back to the community that molded me, it's something not a lot of people will be able to say they did. I take pride when I am at any event, when I am making my flyers, or doing outreach spreading positive information that can really help the next man/woman because it's a bigger picture that each and everyone of us see. As long as we fight the good fight we will be able to open the minds of each and every person of color so we can create these changes into reality.

Nicholas Brown-Lopez"
GAGDC outreach cooridinator

Keywords: African American, Afrolatino, Author, Black History Month, Cuban-Puerto Rican, gagdc

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