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Illinois’ sales tax holiday on back-to-school gear starts Friday

The holiday, which reduces the state’s portion of sales tax on select supplies, clothing and footwear, will last through Aug. 14.

School and office supplies at a Target store.

Illinois’ sales tax holiday on back-to-school goods will run until Sunday, Aug. 14.
Marta Lavandier/AP Photo

Shoppers in Illinois looking to stock up on school supplies, clothing and other back-to-school gear can look forward to saving a bit on sales tax starting Friday.

The state’s sales-tax holiday on certain school-related items will run until Aug. 14, giving a break to those looking to get their kids ready to head back into classrooms.

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The holiday applies to all retailers in Illinois.

It will cut the state’s portion of sales tax from 6.25% to 1.25% on qualified items. Other sales taxes, such as those from a city or county, still apply, depending on where you’re shopping. Non-qualifying items will continue to have the normal sales tax.

The state has provided a lengthy list of items that qualify for the reduced sales tax, including clothing, footwear and standard school supplies. The retail selling price on each item must be less than $125, and there are exceptions if, for example, you’re looking to buy sports gear or art supplies like paintbrushes or watercolors.

Here’s a full list of qualifying items from the Illinois Department of Revenue:


Here’s a look at what the state says will not qualify for reduced sales tax:


For more information on the tax holiday, check out the state’s announcement here.

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