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GAGDC Hosts KPMG for Corporate Volunteer Day

Neighborhood Partners,

We gladly  this share with you the impact that our volunteers from KPMG made while on the ground in our community August 1st  and August 2nd, as part of their corporate volunteer day activities.  After beautifying the shared spaces and the grounds at 5 of our community's senior centers, our  volunteers engaged about 100 seniors in activities that were not only captivating, but stimulating and invigorating. 
The seniors were all eager to participate in bingo and the other games, as well as the ice cream social. The senior group that participated in the karaoke showed us all how it was done, belting out spiritual after spiritual as they followed their fearless leader, an elder resident who commandeered the mic at the outset to let us experience the brilliance of his baritone vocals.
Today, we collected roughly 400 pounds of trash from the ground in our community. We filled bag after bag of trash. With the manpower from KPMG and United Way, we made a huge impact in the community and as they walked by with their sea of blue KPMG shirts armed with trash bags and trash picks, a number of trucks and cars honked their horns in support of them.
A special thank you to Mr. Newkirk, Albert, Cheryl, Joshua, Devon, and the entire Green Team. Thanks goes to Eric for hooking us up with sound for our mics so that the 100+ volunteers could hear us in the staging area. A very warm thank you goes to Norma and Carlos for opening us up in spectacular fashion yesterday with an overview of what we are about, what's happening in the community, and a bit of our history, and for leaving high expectations for today (The volunteers actually expected us to open up with a song today, but nah!). 
Alderman Moore stopped by at the end to share a word with the volunteers before they boarded the bus headed back to their offices and our two CEOs had the opportunity to break bread so to speak. The photos below are from my iphone and are heic files. If anyone has trouble opening them just let me know. 

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