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Everyday Digital Classes Offered in Auburn Gresham

As part of the Smart Communities Initiative, the Saint Sabina Employment Resource Center (ERC) is host to the Everyday Digital curriculum for the Auburn Gresham community. This course is designed to teach digital fundamentals and focus on the basics of the Internet.

Looking at the parts that makeup the Internet today, this course also focuses on the various tasks and functions that can be performed using the Internet on a daily basis. 

The Everyday Digital course track covers the following: 

  • Internet Basics
  • Internet Safety & Security
  • Broadband Basics
  • Online Banking & Commerce 

Recently, the ERC held its first day of class for Everyday Digital participants. Participants were provided with a course manual and began to disect the following: 

  • The background and history of the internet
  • Defined and understand internet concepts and key terms
  • Examine the common uses of the internet
  • Explore the World Wide Web, the browser, its main window elements and the address line
  • Access various websites and learn navigation techniques
  • Use basic search techniques
  • Create Bookmarks / Favorites 

At the end of the curriculum, participants will be given an assessment and knowledge check. There will be exercises given during the assessment as a knowledge check. The first will be an exercise to retrieve specific information from a website which will require them to utilize some of the skills they learned in class. The second will be to complete a 10 question multi-choice assessment to be turned in to the instructor.

Once this multiple week curriculum is completed, participants who meet the Earned Computer Training Program requirements, will be eligible to receive a Netbook computer system, and provide any additional feedback for classes going forward.

For more information regarding Everyday Digital classes, please contact Roderick Pugh FamilyNET Center Manager at (773)-347-0024 or

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