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Events related to Green Era

May 2019

23 Fresh Moves Mobile Market Coming to Auburn Gresham May 23, 2019!

3–4:30 pm - 79th Racine, Every Tuesday! Cash, Credit, LINK accepted, Chicago, IL 60620

July 2021

27 83rd Street Mosaic Community Mural Design Discussion

6–7 pm - Virtual Via Zoom

April 2022

21 Help Bring a Mosaic Mural to Auburn Gresham!

3–6 pm - Green Era Campus, 650 W. 83rd Street, Chicago, IL 60620

October 2022

12 Tree Sapling Giveaway at Green Era Campus, 650 W. 83rd St.

1–3 pm - Green Era Campus, 650 W. 83rd Street, Chicago, IL 60620

November 2022

17 Voice Your Support for the Green Era Campus!

7 pm - AG Healthy Lifestyle Hub, 839 W 79th Street, Chicago, IL 60620


To foster and promote revitalization of the community by designing and implementing programs that improve the community’s economic viability; increase availability of quality housing to people of different income levels, while maintaining and improving existing affordable housing; and enhance delivery of social services, particularly to senior citizens.

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Improve and enhance the delivery of community and economic development in Auburn Gresham, Englewood, and West Chatham.

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