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Self-Care On The Table for Educators

The Rejuvenation Experience team. Photo details listed in article.

The Rejuvenation Experience team. Photo details listed in article.

Fenesha Hubbard Personal Growth & Professional Learning Consultant, submitted and won the Chicago Community Trust OnTheTable award for Greater Auburn Gresham teachers

 What happens when a group of women gather to talk about taking care of themselves? You realize that many of them are distracted by texts and phone calls from husbands and children. Some of them show up late to the gathering because they were tending to another person’s need. And, undoubtedly, one woman has so many things on her to-do list that she forgot about the gathering— simply because she neglected to put herself on her own list!

That’s what happened in spring of 2018 when my good sisterfriend, Lynjunita Matsey, and I hosted Self-Care On The Table as part of the Chicago Community Trust’s annual “On The Table” event. This city-wide initiative encourages residents to take action to benefit their communities and the public good, and apply for funding to put their ideas into action.

Hosting Self-Care On The Table showed us, first-hand, how women neglect their own self-care simply by not scheduling time for themselves on their calendars. As a result, we decided to raise awareness about self-care, create the sacred space for women to tend to their self-care, and to give women permission to put themselves first.

Receiving the Acting Up grant allowed us to design, coordinate and host a women-only, half-day experience that offered various modalities of healing, such as Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Reiki, Life Coaching, Hurqalya Healing, Meditation, Hands & Feet Pampering, and more. Participants in The Rejuvenation Experience were not only rejuvenated in their mind, body, and spirit (and bellies due to the great breakfast and lunch provided) but were also connected with local women experts in the services being provided.

Here’s what some of the attendees said about their experience:

  • “This is so needed in my profession."
  • All of this day was beyond amazing! From the organization to the goodie bag. It was amazing! Organized, thoughtful, warm!”
  • “For the first time, in a long time...someone did something thoughtful for me, unexpectedly. I just wanted to publicly thank those individuals who were involved in securing a grant from the Chicago Community Trust. It feels wonderful to know people realize that teaching (classroom management, parent communication, flexibility, working with administration) isn't easy and most of the time our efforts go unnoticed. Thank you so much Fenesha and Lynn for your efforts in making sure we, as educators, had a Sunday to rejuvenate. I can't thank you enough...such a wonderful experience! Xoxo”
  • “Had the MOST wonderful pampered filled 5 hours of relaxation, yoga, meditation, massages, great food and fabulous company! So glad I was thought of for this special treat that catered to women educators! So many of us neglect our own personal wellness because we’re so focused on family and work obligations. This was such a nice reminder that self-love and self-care is important to us being able to mentally and physically maintain those daily duties!”
  • “We must do this again.”

The Rejuvenation Experience was grant funded by the Chicago Community Trust, sponsored by the Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation, and supported by a team of local women professionals.

This experience is currently offered to women educators in the Chicago Public Schools (CPS). I believe, with all my heart, that providing this service to women educators in CPS is an effective way to “level up”, or raise the ratings (currently tiered as “levels”) of the schools. For more information, contact me directly or reach us at

Closing Note: Please ensure that you take time each day to put your #SelfCareOnTheTable. No amount of time is too little when your purpose and intent are clear. So go ahead-- take a seat at the table. In fact, own the table. It’s yours!

*The Rejuvenation Experience team pictured above (left to right in photo):

Shaunta McGee (assistant), Kandice Cole (Life Coach), Latanya Harris (Massage Therapist), Ania Frontczak (Reiki), Christy Guyer (Reiki + Sound Healing), Kimosha Murphy (V-Steam Educator), Felicia Harlow (Hurqalya Healing), Nicole Jones (Yoga Nidra), Yeeskah Radcliffe (Yoga), Fenesha Hubbard (director), Kristin Morrow (Physical Therapy), Lynjunita Matsey (director), Ezrina Bradley (assistant), Kala Walker (Gift Bags); Not pictured: Lisa Corrigan-Bilkey (Accupuncturist, gift bag contributor), Tanya Nelson (GAGDC sponsor), Norma Sanders (GAGDC sponsor)

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