Advocating for a Positive Dental Perspective

Dr. Amy Martin (bottom) and her assistant administer oral health care to a Perspectives Middle School student in the Advocate Illinois Masonic dental van.

Kasheika Brown

Sponsored by Atlantic Philantrophies in partnership with the Greater Auburn-Gresham Development Corporation’s (GADC), the Elev8 initiative currently works with Dr. Amy Martin of Advocate Illinois Masonic Dental Center and her team of dental assistants to provide much needed dental care to Perspectives Calumet Middle School students in the 2009-10 school year. 

Advocate Illinois Masonic is able to accomplish this delicate feat by driving their comprehensively equipped dental van to the school. Students schedule appointments during their A Discipline Life (ADL) class to minimize disruptions during their core classes, while expediting care in an efficient and expedient manner.

Since their first visit to the middle school in the spring of 2009, students have repeatedly asked to receive these free oral healthcare services, subsequently a waiting list of students.

An Advocate Illinois Masonic resident and dental assistant work collectively to administer care to a Perspectives Middle School student.

Kasheika Brown

Because of the type of care received, Advocate Illinois Masonic is able to see up to 9 students per visit to the school. The students received a variety of comprehensive care, from sealants and fillings, to extractions and regular cleanings. 

Again, appointments are scheduled in the student’s ADL which addresses each student as a whole person, and encourages their transformation into a better, wiser, and more righteous person. Taking advantage of Advocate Illinois Masonic free dental services is certainly a way that students can improve their oral health, thus encouraging better decision-making regarding their quality of life. 

Today, Chicago Health Corps member, Kasheika Brown, who manages this program, also receives phone calls from parents inquiring about the dental care and the available care for their children. As of today, the dental van is scheduled comes once a month, but because of the now popular waiting list, Brown is attempting to schedule them twice a month. 

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center Mobile Dental Care Van

Kasheika Brown

When speaking about the success of the students served, it is important to acknowledge the staff of Perspectives Calumet Middle School. These administrators have been instrumental in providing students with information regarding the dental van. They often recommend and promote the dental van as, “... a good resource for students who may not otherwise know that they exist.”

 Success stories...

A student’s response to dental care received: “I’m just happy I got my teeth right!”

After another student finished his complete oral care, Perspectives administrators instantly saw a rise in his self-confidence. “Prior his treatment, this student was very shy and spoke with his head down,” said one administrator. “He’s made a complete 360 degree turn in his personality.”

“I am so pleased with the services provided to my son and wonder if my daughter can receive the same services,” said a parent.