Health Fair Vital to Health and Wellness of Community

Greater Auburn-Gresham Development Corporation's Tenisha Jones proudly displays Auburn Gresham's Elev8 banner at the bi-annual Health Fair on the Block.

Pavlin Jankov

On a hot summer-like day in June, the Greater Auburn-Gresham Development Corporation (GADC) hosted their bi-annual “Health Fair on Block" on west 79th Street.

Inclement weather forecast did not hinder the success of this event. An estimated 500 - 600 people stopped to get free health screenings and receive valuable information pertinent to their individual health, their families' health, and the communities' landscape of comprehensive health initiatives.

Auburn Gresham youth receive key health related information from a vendor at the Auburn Gresham Health Fair on the Block.

Pavlin Jankov

During the health fair, nearly 45 students from Perspectives Calumet Middle School performed new dance and martial arts routines learned throughout the school year as part of their after school program showcase.

They displayed their talents in Lots of Love Preschool Academy's parking lot to an engaged audience of pre-schoolers. Their performance to the preschoolers spoke volumes of community integration, significant to middle schoolers educating the next generation of leaders.

Perspectives' student, Terranisha Douglas said, “The pre-schoolers looked like they were really enjoying it; they were excited.” Douglas and her student leadership colleagues also helped that day to secure over 200 signatures in support of Elev8.

Public Allies' Elacsha Madison and Chicago Health Corps' Kasheika Brown, work diligently to provide Health Fair on Block vendors excellent customer service.

Pavlin Jankov

According to  Tenisha Jones, GADC's Elev8 Program Director, "This year Health Fair on the Block brought health, social supports, students, and the community together in the true spirit of a community. I am really excited and thrilled that our students and residents can benefit from our health fair."

The Health Fair on the Block hosted over 40 health care organizations, businesses, and institutions, ranging from breast cancer awareness to women health services.

Dorothy Warren, representing the Breast Cancer Network of Strength spoke about her recovery from breast cancer and kidney failure and also to offer help and encouragement to those who are currently struggling with the disease. She also provided ways for early detection.

A CVS Caremark representatives gives a CVS cup and health materials to a passer-byer at the Auburn Gresham Health Fair on the Block.

Pavlin Jankov

Chicago State University College of Pharmacy also provided our residents with onsite diabetes and high blood pressure screenings. This gave our residents an opportunity to visit with health care professionals right here in the community. 

Among the health care organizations educating our residents on affordable insurance rates were WellCare and Harmony Health Plans. They provided information and offered plans so that our residents may visit local physicians - without breaking the bank. One resident mentioned that this will be his first time receiving insurance benefits and being able to afford it.

Another big supporter and participant in the health fair was Brotherhood Produce, a local black farmers' market. Since the existence of the Health Fair on the Block, Senior Suites' Auburn Gresham residents anticipate Brotherhood Produce's return and purchase their fresh fruit and vegetables.

Dorothy Warren, a team member of Breast Cancer Network of Strength shares her testimony of survival and early detection at the Auburn Gresham Health Fair on the Block.

Pavlin Jankov

Carlos Nelson, the Executive Director of the Greater Auburn-Gresham Development Corporation (GADC) calls this event, "A momentous period where we witnessed residents’ enthusiasm in receiving knowledge about health care services."

A very special thanks is given to all participants and supporters of this health fair, especially CVS Caremark, University of Chicago Medical Center, and Atlantic Philanthropies' Elev8 initiative.

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