Mayor Daley Holds Press Conference at St. Sabina’s Elders Village

In a press conference convened at St. Sabina’s Elders Village, Mayor Richard M. Daley said yes to a statewide-ban on assault weapons and increasing the state’s minimum wage.

Specifically, Daley encouraged Chicago and Cook County seniors to let their voices be heard and back the efforts to eliminate assault weapons and .50 caliber rifles here in Illinois.

He said “voters should help to enact legislation in 2007 to increase the minimum wage for Illinois workers from & $6.50 an hour to $7.50 an hour…There are far too many families across Illinois and America that are struggling to make ends meet – pay their bills, buy food and pay their health insurance.”

State Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins also pledged to chair these referenda at a state level. Additionally, in a statement read by Minister Randall Blakey, on behalf of Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Church, Pfleger said, “Supporting these referenda makes it clear to our state legislators that the voters of Chicago and Cook County want action on these issues.”

Joining Mayor Daley at the press conference to confront these issues, were Alderman Latasha Thomas (D-17), State Senator Don Harmon, Jennifer Bishop, Field Director of the Brady Campaign, Cesar Santoy, Executive Director of HACIA, Minister Kimberly Lymore of St. Sabina Church, Jodina Hicks, Vice President of Public Policy for Safer Foundation, members from Siretha White, Starkesia Reed, and Rolanda Marshall’s family, and a host of other community and political leaders.