Senatorial District Director Promotes Fire Safety

Chicago Fire Department quickly respond to call of distress from Senator Collins office in Auburn Gresham

Ernest Sanders

As a progressive advocate for fire safety, Senatorial District Director calls local Chicago Fire Department to inspect unidentifiable gas smell.

Undetermined about the locality of the smell in her office space, Director Welch telephoned adjoining businesses to see whether or not they were smelling the same smell she was smelling. Dorothy's African Hair Braiding Shop and the St. Sabina Employment Resource Center both agreed there was an odor in the air, but did not know its origin.

That's when Welch took further steps towards ensuring her safety and the community's well-being.

Without fear, Welch began to search her office space for an electrical fire or carbon monoxide leak. She also called the Greater Auburn-Gresham Development Corporation, only to find they did not smell the mysterious odor as Welch did.

Carlos Nelson give Kathy Welch the signature silver shovel to assist her in determining the locality of the mysterious gas odor.

Ernest Sanders

Becoming somewhat frustrated, Welch began to think she was starring in an episode of Sesame Street as Mrs. Snuffle-upa-gus.

Suddenly, Carlos Nelson and Ernest Sanders had noticed the smell and identified it as part of a historic Chicago tradition - using lots of Kingsford Lighter Fluid to ignite charcoals in a Weber grill.

Welch is to be commended on her dedication to keeping Auburn Gresham a safe place to live, learn, shop, play and work. We really appreciate her efforts and would like to dedicate the following song to her. Click here to listen.

Water from a local community banking partner to extinguish the fire

Ernest Sanders

Louis Starr, a barber at Fuller's Barbershop in Auburn Gresham grills several tasty items on his Weber grill. Notice the fan in the background used to divert the smell away from his barbershop.

Ernest Sanders