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SSA 87th Street Corridor


Consultant for 87th Street business corridor SSA 

Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corp (GAGDC) seeks Consultant to assist GAGDC and Special Service Area staff in completing the 2024 SSA Application as required by the City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development for the 87th Street business corridor SSA.

Specifically, the Consultant will be responsible for the following key elements, as taken from the attached SSA Designation Steps, as well as any updates needed for the final SSA Application:

  • Facilitate advisory committee meetings
  • Prepare expanded study area map with parcel and ward detail as described in Attachment C, using the proposed map included in the approved feasibility study. (There is no TIF in this area).
  • Prepare an expanded SSA database including SSA taxpayer list as described in Attachment C, based on the proposed boundaries included in the approved feasibility study.
  • Conduct a Needs Assessment as described in Attachment C
  • Establish metrics and baseline data as described in Attachment C, including, but not limited to:

o Business profitability and enhanced property values

o Cleanliness and maintenance

o Safety

  • Create an inventory of City and other governmental services as described in Attachment C
  • Prepare a legal description of the proposed SSA boundaries as described in Attachment C
  • Create an SSA District Plan as described in Attachment C
  • Distribute an informational mailing and host at least 2 community meetings between March and April, 2024 as described in Attachment C
  • Collect supporting signatures from at least 10% of the taxpayers of record within the boundaries of the proposed SSA and collect support signatures from some of the taxpayers of record for the largest properties in the proposed SSA for submission to the DPD by June 14, 2024, and an additional 10% by August 1, 2024 (for a total of 20% of PINs in the proposed boundary).
  • Complete SSA Application and Designation Packet for submission to DPD no later than June 14, 2024
  • Attend Public Hearing at City Hall to be scheduled by DPD October, 2024.

Time Frame of Contract: Consultant to begin February 2024 to ensure passage of ordinance by City Council no later than December 2024. Proposal Requirements:

Proposal should include the following;


  • Description and history of firm
  • Bios / Resumes of Consultant(s) assigned to project
  • Relevant prior experience
  • References


  • Outline activities for completion of each task
  • Time table for completion of each task


  • Consultant fees (explain method for calculation)
  • Other Expenses (delineate each expense)

Submission and Due Date: The completed proposal is due no later than January 26, 2024. Please direct your questions, and send completed proposals via email, to:

Khayeem Anderson

Program Manager



  1. SSA Feasibility Study & Notice to Proceed
  2. SSA Map of Existing Boundaries
  3. 2025 SSA Designation Steps For New & Renewing Special Service Areas
  4. 2025 SSA Designation Timeline

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