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The Greater Auburn-Gresham Development Corporation and the Auburn Gresham community has a strategy to improve the quality of education for people of all ages and help students and parents maximize the school experience. This tab will include information on our school and community based programs and activities.

We are excited about the work we are doing to improve schools in the community. The initiative we created with our community partners, that is currently in the works, called Auburn Gresham Gold (AG GOLD). There are five elementary school partners participating in the Auburn Gresham GOLD Initiative, they are:

Clara Barton Elementary School

John W. Cook Academy

Scott Joplin Elementary School

Richard J. Oglesby Elementary School

Westcott Elementary School

We look forward to working as a community to impact the first five schols that are participating. Implementation, Outreach, Planning and Fundraising continues. We look forward to an exciting year implementing the community-driven education plan.

New Auburn Gresham GOLD (non-elementary) partner schools:

Simeon Career Academy

 Education and Youth Developement

2021 Key Dates


To foster and promote revitalization of the community by designing and implementing programs that improve the community’s economic viability; increase availability of quality housing to people of different income levels, while maintaining and improving existing affordable housing; and enhance delivery of social services, particularly to senior citizens.

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Improve and enhance the delivery of community and economic development in Auburn Gresham, Englewood, and West Chatham.

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