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SSA#32: Economic Development Program

GADC is committed to the long-term success and viability of the business corridor along 79th street and manages SSA#32 funds to ensure that sustainable, relevant, and appropriate growth and development are a part of the Quaity of Life Plan put in motion to make sure the business district has access to programs, products, and services that will make it successful for decades to come.

Economic development is an extensive, thoughtful exploration of issues and allocation of resources that is on-going. Partnerships and collaborations have been created, maintained, and nutured with key businesses and agencies that wil attract the right kinds of merchants that will align with the goals of the business district. We welcome businesses that will funnel taxes, revenue, and jobs back into the communities we serve. We cannot always control who "opens shop" in the community, but we work very closely with banks, federal/state/local government agencies, block clubs, retailers, and other local businesses and not-for-profits to make sure that the wants and needs of the community are clearly expressed to any and all businesses interested in our business district.

This attention and engagement has resulted in laying the foundation for creating the business community we want in the future. And this is our ultimate plan: to make the communities and neighborhoods we serve viable, strong, and more than capable to meet the changing needs of a growing and economically successful urban center.

Economic Development is just one of the many programs offered through SSA#32. The Economic Development Program was designed to encourage business rentention and expansion through the following:

Annual Food Vendor License Certification

This annual class helps local businesses in the Food and Beverage industry get their summer food vendor certification which makes it possible for the vendors to participate in local, out door festivals like the Taste of Chicago, Bud Billiken, Fiesta Del Sol, and the 79th Street Renaissance Festival. Class is provided in parnership with Harold Washington College, is free to SSA#32 businesses, and only $35 dollars for vendors outside the SSA boundaries.

Architectural Design and Landscape Design

Local businesses looking to design or redesign buildings, parking lots, gardens, and other architectural structures can take advantage of a dedicated team of architectural graduate students and interns to help create detailed and exciting plans that bring their development vision to life. Under the supervision of a licensed architecture firm that we work very closely with to meet the needs of our local business owners, our architecture graduates and interns create unique, tailored designs to fit client needs and budgets. Professional quality renderings and design books are created for clients as well as resource lists for contractors. Through extensive one-on-one meetings and consultations, business owners can see their visions unfold at prices significantly lower than market rate.

Small Business Training Seminar

This annual training is designed to bring local businesses up to speed on current licensing ordinaces with the City as well as to tell businesses about matching grants and other government funding opportunities that will help them manange, maintain, or upgrade their businesses to better serve their customers and to improve the business district. These opportunities include helping business owners sign up and apply for a SBIF (Small Business Improvement Fund) or TIF (Tax Increment Finance) grant; learn about permit regulations for Signage and Public Way Maintainance; and sign up and apply for the City's Facade Rebate Program. This annual training is in partnership with Northern Trust Bank and is open to the public.


To foster and promote revitalization of the community by designing and implementing programs that improve the community’s economic viability; increase availability of quality housing to people of different income levels, while maintaining and improving existing affordable housing; and enhance delivery of social services, particularly to senior citizens.

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