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SSA#32: Marketing Program

SSA#32 marketing programs are designed to promote local 79th Street businesses and activities in a positive manner. All activities are designed with the business district and the wider community in mind. To that end, there are many programs and community sponsors and supporters who help make marketing and promoting our community, businesses, and services possible.

We THANK all of our partners for helping us create the images, opportunities, and language that best represents the community we live, work, and play in.

79th Street Renaissance Festival

Now in its seventh year, the 79th Street Renaissance Festival has become a community sensation. One local business owner said it was, "bigger than the Taste," in terms of its local appeal and community impact. Each year thousands of residents enjoy what is billed as a safe, friendly, fun-for-the-whole-family affair. And it truly is. The Ren Fest is open to the public, has no alcohol, and is free to attend making it one of the most attractive neighborhood festivals to attend. It's the best way to celebrate going back to school, it supports the "shop local" movement by highlighting local vendors and products, and showcases local talent. With over 100 vendors each year from nearly every industry - the Renaissance Fest on 79th Street is a key way we market our community, our goods, resources, and our businesses. C Johnson and Associates is our partner in planning and coordinating the 79th St Ren Fest and works every year to make sure the event and its participants and sponsors have CTA, print, media, newsletter, community, website, and City-wide marketing coverage.

FREE Web Pages for Local Businesses

GADC recognizes the impact and the importance of digital technology in this global age and global economy. It's imperative that a business worth its salt get online and get active using digital technology. This is sometimes a difficult thing to do because many small businesses don't have the time, the staff resources, or the capital it may take to create and maintain a web presence whether on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, or by purchasing a .com. To make things easier and to give businesses a presence on the web without any upfront costs or risks, GADC offers free web pages for Auburn Gresham businesses - right on their website. This is a great way to test the market and to give people a searchable link for your business on the web. Because your page is static it isn't time demanding. Once you or your staff puts your information up - you're good to go. Every local business that doesn't have a website, but is interested in having a presence on the web should take advantage of this wonderful resource.

For more information or to get your business page on the web, contact Ernest Sanders by phone (773) 483-3696 or email at

Click the links below for sample business web pages:

Auburn Gresham Business Banners

Interesting and colorful business district banners were created for local businesses. They are waiting to be installed. If you are interested in having a banner to display in front of your business, please contact Cheryl Johnson at (773) 723-3557.

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