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Security Survey Findings

Special Service Area #32 (SSA#32) Security Survey Findings

During the week of June 18, 2012, the Greater Auburn-Gresham Development Corporation (GADC) conducted a “Direct Interview” of 87 businesses located within SSA#32 Business District to determine where security was needed   and if businesses wanted private security patrols for the Business District.

Of the 87 businesses contacted for the interview, 42 (48%) responded to Survey questions.

The Survey consisted of four questions that included both qualitative and quantitative data.  Question #one asked, “Where would you like to see more security along 79th Street? (Check all that apply)” with 79th and Vincennes, 79th and Morgan, 79th and Racine, and 79th and Ashland as the four options.  Of the four options, 24 (57%) of the businesses selected 79th & Ashland as the location that needed police presence the most and 13 (31%) of the businesses selected 79th and Morgan as the location where police presence is need the least. The general findings resulting from this question is that increased security at each interaction listed would be appreciated; however, 79th & Ashland should receive more attention.

Question #2 asked businesses, “What are your major security concerns? (Check all that apply)” with loitering, peddlers, lack of police presence, and lack of security camera surveillance as the four options. Loitering was clearly the most prominent concern of businesses.  Thirty (71%) of the businesses listed loitering as a major security concern.  Lack of police presence and lack of security camera surveillance were both tied for second place with 23 (55%) votes each, and peddlers in third being selected by 14 (31%) businesses as their least security concern.

Question #3 asked a simple yes or no response, “Do you want Security Patrols in the Business District?” An overwhelming majority of the people surveyed responded with yes. Forty (96%) of the businesses responded with a Yes to having security patrols and only two (04%) said no.  The obvious conclusion is that the businesses want security patrols within their business district.

Question #4 asked the businesses to  “Please share other recommendations you may have regarding security along 79th Street:” Only 11 people of the 42 surveyed answered the fourth question, most responses indicated that they felt there needed to be more police patrols, while others felt that the issue of loitering needed to be dealt with.

Report prepared by Cheryl Johnson, C Johnson and Associates.


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