GADC's Online Web Presence Feb 2007 - Dec 2008

See Google Analytics reports highlighting GADC's online web presence and outreach at large. (February 2007 - December 2008)  Click on the title reports below to access reports.

Visitors Overview: In general, traffic to the website is steadily increasing with an excellent rate of new visitors

Keywords (keywords from search engines): The GADC's profile on the world wide web is growing steadily and people are finding it more and more via all the popular search engines. Most visitors find our website by looking for specific information relating to an event or business showing that the wide array of events and listings in the calendar and directory are helping drive a lot of traffic to the site.

Refferers (longest time on our website, most pages per visit, and most referrals): As with keywords, our profile among other community-oriented websites is growing. 35% of the top 25 referrers are email programs indicating that the emails we sent, like The Vision e-Newsletter, are very effective at driving traffic to our website. Not only do they drive a large portion of the traffic but those who visit the website from an email spend the most time on the website and read more pages per visit than those from anywhere else.

Top content: Most popular pages are related to events and businesses listed in the directory, supporting the fact that those are most interesting and useful to visitors.

Top searches: Top searches shows what people are searching for on the GADC website using the search box. Most searches are for events and employment-related topics, which correspond to the current and ongoing economic challenges.

Maps (Illinois and National cities): These reports show where visitors are located that visit our website. As expected, most visitors are in Chicago but many are from surrounding cities and those throughout Illinois and the country. This is a likely indicator that the GADC is a model community development corporation and word has spread about it.